Driveways and Pavings

10 Sep

There are many varieties of paving styles to choose from including block, cobble, tile and slate, all having a large selection of colours, shapes and sizes.  Without question, there is a style to satisfy your requirements no matter whether a driveway, path, patio or conservatory floor.

Thoroughfares are excavated before laying a hardcore base which is followed by a wet mix of sharp sand and cement.  The paving blocks are skilfully laid and embedded in this final mix at an angle and attitude to facilitate suitable drainage of rain water.  Another mix, this time dry, is brushed and packed into the spaces separating the paving blocks.  The final task is to wash the entire surface using a gentle water spray and finalise the pointing process.

Lighting designs include Passive-Infra-Red, Dusk/Dawn and manual control.  An extensive selection of mains, solar and battery operated fittings is available in both traditional and modern designs.

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